Weekly Roundup - April 14th 2008

Posted April 14th, 2008 in Weekly Roundup

This is my weekly roundup for the week of April 7th to 13th 2008, where I look back at the posts I made over the past week as well as useful and interesting articles on other websites and blogs that I might have read.

Articles posted on my blog

Monday: Weekly Roundup - April 7th 2008
Tuesday: New laptop - Toshiba A200
Wednesday: Zenwalk Linux Live 5.0 Screenshots
Thursday: phpMyAdmin prevent popup window for query editing
Friday: Executing shell commands from within the MySQL command line client
Saturday: Zend Framework Controller Router example
Sunday: Using the MySQL command line tool

Interesting articles found offsite

Domain Names

TechCrunch reported that Network Solutions is hijacking unassigned domain names. For example if you had the domain name example.com hosted with Network Solutions, a request to some-sub-domain.example.com would show a page of advertising. More about this at Ars Technica, which looked at the service agreement which gives Network Solutions the right to do this on any sub domain, directory, file path etc.


Drupal 6.2 was released, fixing some security issues: "Drupal 6.2, a maintenance release that fixes problems reported using the bug tracking system, as well as security vulnerabilities is now available for download. The security issues identified were in code new to Drupal 6, and are therefore not applicable to sites running on Drupal 5".


The release candidiate of FCKEditor 2.6 was released. This is expected to be the same as the final release. FCKEditor is an in-browser HTML editor.


Google announced their Google App Engine, which allows the hosting of applications on Google's infrastructure. This is currently a limited preview release. TechCrunch posted some additional information here, comparing it with Amazon's web services. Matt Cutts posted about it here, commenting that it might be useful for start-ups. And Ars Technica posted about it here.


The Register posted about the HP 2133 Mini-Note which is being launched this month as a competitor to the ASUS Eee PC, and that ASUS is likely to bring forward the release of their next Eee PC in response.


Smashing Magazine looked at footers in modern web design, with plenty of great examples.


OKCool posted about how to do a username lookup with jQuery Ajax, only querying the remote database when the user has stopped typing for a while instead of on every keypress.

Noupe.com posted 37 jQuery plugins, categorised into sliders, image manipulation, navigation, charts etc, with links to the code and live demos where applicable.


Dreamlinux 3.0 was released. Dreamlinux is a live CD Linux distro which you can run directly from the CD and install to your computer if you so choose, and the GUI looks a lot like Apple's OSX. You can buy Dreamlinux from the Linux CD Mall. Distrowatch has a review of Dreamlinux.

Mandriva 2008.1 "Spring" was released on April 9th 2008. Read the Press Release on the Mandriva site and the Release Notes on the Wiki for more information. You can buy Mandriva Linux from the Linux CD Mall.


CIO.com looked at the upcoming MySQL 5.1 release (due for release next week) and some of the features and improvements coming.


In what can only be a dig at Microsoft's attempt to take over Yahoo!, Yahoo! are planning on showing Google's ads in their search results. Read more at The Register, Ars Technica, NZ Herald / Reuters.


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