Weekly Roundup - May 12th 2008

Posted May 12th, 2008 in Weekly Roundup

This is my weekly roundup for the week of May 5th to 11th 2008, where I look back at the posts I made over the past week as well as useful and interesting articles on other websites and blogs that I might have read.

Articles posted on my blog

Monday: Weekly Roundup - May 5th 2008
Tuesday: Centering a page with HTML and CSS
Wednesday: Enable the administrator account in Windows Vista
Thursday: Access denied when logging into VMWare Infrastructure Web Access on Windows
Friday: Find the length of the longest string in MySQL
Saturday: Change Adobe Photoshop Filename Compatibility Options
Sunday: Database error handling with the Zend Framework

Interesting articles found offsite


David Walsh posted how to force SSL pages on Apache with .htaccess by using a rewrite rule to redirect if the server port is not port 80.


query7.com posted how to manipulate HTML with jQuery.


KDE 4.0.4 was released. KDE 4.1 is due for release in July.


The Ubuntu Geek posted how to enable automatic login with Ubuntu. This means Ubuntu will automatically log in to Gnome as the specified user without having to enter a login name and password when your computer starts up.

Open Source News posted some useful BASH tips including filename completion, command completion, brace expansion and return codes.

Rod Smith at IBM looked at the ext4 file system, comparing it with ext3, migrating from ext3 to ext4 and maintaining an ext4 filesystem.

Geoff Palmer at PC World NZ looked at how to add the Ubuntu desktops (Kubuntu, Xbuntu etc) to your Ubuntu etc install. More details here.

Arc Technica posted a review of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron and Linux.com looked at whether you should do an upgrade or fresh install to get from previous versions of Ubuntu to the current version.

WatchingTheNet.com posted how to disable SSH logins for the root account.


PrimaryObkects.com looked at using the Model View Controller pattern in .NET applications.


A beta version of OpenOffice.org 3.0 was released. Version 3 will now run on Intel Macs natively without the need for an X11 environment. More info at Ars Technica and PC World. The final release is currently scheduled for September.


PortEightyEight.com posted 9 PHP debugging techniques you should be using, including to enable notices, use a logging system, use an IDE and debugger and unit testing.

Nathan Good at IBM posted about what's coming up in PHP 6, including new features and things that are being removed.

Programming (General)

CodingHorror.com posted a useful explanation of what the Model-View-Controller is all about.


Windows XP Service Pack 3 was released. Microsoft have warned users that they won't be able to downgrade from Internet Explorer 7 after installing the service pack, should they wish to (more details here at PC World NZ and here at PC World US).

And in other Windows XP Service Pack 3 news... it's been reported that some PCs get stuck in endless reboots.

Other Stuff

Smashing Magazine posted reviews of 25 WYSIWYG editors a 35 source code / text editors, with screenshots and links through to each editor's website.


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