Weekly Roundup - July 28th 2008

Posted July 28th, 2008 in Weekly Roundup

This is my weekly roundup for the week of July 21st to July 27th 2008, where I look back at the posts I made over the past week as well as useful and interesting articles on other websites and blogs that I might have read.

Articles posted on my blog

Monday: Weekly Roundup - July 21st 2008
Tuesday: Image headers with PHP
Wednesday: Describe table structure with MS SQL Server
Thursday: 10 essential tricks for Linux admins
Friday: Playing DVDs with Windows Media Player 11
Saturday: Style an HTML form input with CSS and jQuery
Sunday: Rename tags in Google Reader

Interesting articles found offsite


Blogging Tips n Tricks posted 83 must read articles for bloggers, breaking them into categories: getting started; building meaningful content; increasing traffic and retaining readers; linkbaiting, SEO and social networking; building a community; blog monetization; blog promotion; and miscellaneous blog advice.


NETTUTS posted "Solving 5 Common CSS Headaches", asking why are my styles not effective?, what's the difference between absolute and relative positioning?, how can I compensate for Internet Explorer 6's double-margin bug?, is there a way to measure how specific my selector is?, and what is the best way to test my site in different browsers?


Smashing Magazine posted "A Small Design Study of Big Blogs", looking at layout issues (how many columns, left or center aligned etc) and typography (dark on light or light on dark, primary and headline typefaces etc).


FCKEditor 2.6.3 was released, containing minor fixes ASP.Net integration incompatibility issues with the Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX UpdatePanel.

Free icons

dryicons.com has free icons available, grouped into categories: "classy", Euro 2008, stickers, sketchy paper and so on. Thanks to the Web Resources Depot for posting about these.


CourtneyTuttle.com posted 11 ways to search google: the hyphen search string; wildcard searches; date range searches; exact searches; blog keyword searches; filetype searches; safe searches; link searches; using either or; and the definition search. There's also a bonus tip about how to use Google as a calculator. Read the post for the full tips.


Marc Grabanski posted how to get the text and value of the selected item in a select box with jQuery.

jqPuzzle allows you to turn any image into a Javascript sliding puzzle. Thanks to the Web Resources Depot for posting about this interesting jQuery library.

SpaceGallery is another variant of a jQuery image gallery. Thanks to the Web Resources Depot for posting about this one too.

ProDevTips posted an example of jQuery Flot, a graphing tool for jQuery.

NETTUTS posted how to create a dynamic poll with jQuery and PHP.


simple-talk.com interviewed Linus Torvalds, the creater of Linux.

Linux.com posted some useful tips about converting text files in Linux.

MakeTechEasier.com posted a tutorial about how to make your Ubuntu desktop look like Mac OS/X. Whether or not this is something people actually want to do, it illustrates how flexible themeing for Gnome is.

Linux Journal posted how to convert filenames to lower case with a shell script.

Mobile Phones

Samsung showed off its new i8510 8MP camera phone. The i8510 comes in 8GB and 16GB variants, with 3G and HSDPA as well as Wi-Fi. It also features GPS and a camera application that automatically geotags photographs with the location where they were taken.


blog.zwares.com posted 10 best practices for .NET threads.


htmlblog.net posted how to geolocate your visitors with PHP/PEAR and the Maxmind Geolite Country file. Another way of doing this is with an IP address database in e.g. MySQL which is illustrated at ardamis.com using the ip-to-country.webhosting.info database.

Thomas Weidner posted some example of using the Zend_File_Transfer component. It allows validation on file size, number of files, total files size, extension and image dimensions.

Web Resources Depot posted a brief overview of Swiftmailer, a PHP email library which doesn't rely on the PHP mail() function. Go to the Swift Mailer website for more information and to download it.


Wine 1.1.2 was released, containing control panel improvements and new appwiz panel; restructurations of state handling in Direct3D; support for timer queue functions; many MSXML improvements; several fixes to Solaris support; various bug fixes. Wine allows you to run Windows applications on other operating systems such as Linux.

Other Stuff

Google were looking at buying Digg.com but walked away from the deal on Thursday or Friday after due diligence. Read more here at TechCrunch.


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