Weekly Roundup - August 25th 2008

Posted August 25th, 2008 in Weekly Roundup

This is my weekly roundup for the week of August 18th to 24th 2008, where I look back at the posts I made over the past week as well as useful and interesting articles on other websites and blogs that I might have read.

Articles posted on my blog

Monday: Weekly Roundup - August 18th 2008
Tuesday: Links roundup August 19th 2008
Wednesday: Using the FCKEditor HTML Editor with PHP
Thursday: 10 Useful Free Windows Apps
Friday: Check Index Fragmentation with SQL Server 2000/2005
Saturday: Sending email with Zend_Mail
Sunday: No post

Interesting articles found offsite

This list covers Tuesday to Sunday only - I added an extra post on Tuesday covering interesting links I'd missed from my Monday post and included some from Monday.


crazeegeekchick.com posted links to 10 invaluable CSS resources. The list includes a number of sites I'm subscribed to myself.

StylizedWeb posted about CSS 3 Rounded Corners which allow you to create nice rounded corners on boxes with nothing but some very simple CSS. The correct property name is "border-radius" but for the moment, as shown in the linked post, you need to use -moz-border-radius for Firefox and -webkit-border-radius for Safari and it's not supported in other browsers.


FCKEditor has had 3,000,000 downloads.


Mozilla Corp is looking to push out an update to version 3.0 for those users still on 2.0.Users will be given the optiopn to accept the update, postphone for 24 hours or decline the update altogether.


Ars Technica reported about the new Dell subnotebook which will be pre-installed with Ubuntu, and should give the ASUS Eee PC a run for its money. Rumors indicate that the base model could be priced as low as $299.

MaximumPC posted "Everything You Need to Know About USB 3.0" covering specifications, comparisons with previous versions of USB and photos of the connectors and cables.


Specky Boy posted a list of 65 jQuery resources categorised as tutorials, plugin directories, video tutorials, podcasts, ebooks, and further reading.

The timeago jQuery plugin allows fuzzy times to be displayed on a web page and which can subsequently be udpated automatically. Fuzzy timestamps are things like "2 minutes ago" etc. Thanks to the Web Resources Depot for posting about this one.

Pro Dev Tips posted how to track clicks with jQuery Google Analytics. This is a great way of tracking offsite links because (although it will miss some for those occasional people who have Javascript disabled) there's not much chance of bots inflating your click through data. This post also introduced me to the jQuery not() function which I hadn't been aware of previously.

Detatched Designs posted 5 jQuery Questions and Answers: How Can I Target All Links That Contain An Attribute With A Specific Value? What Is The Difference Between Using The “*”, “$”, and “^” symbol in my jQuery select statements? How Can I Style Alternating Rows In My Table Or List? How Can I Hide and Show A Form? Where Can I Learn More About jQuery?

Trevor Davis posted how to do Ajax forms with jQuery.

James at Enhance the User Experience posted 10 jQuery Plugins with a brief description of each and then links through to the plugin's website. Plugins include jQuery UI, jQuery Cookie Plugin, Lightbox and JCarousel.


Debian Admin posted Howto setup DHCP Server and Dynamic DNS with BIND in Debian and Howto use SSH local and remote port forwarding

Microsoft Office

The How To Geek posted how to do conditional cell formatting with Excel 2007. This makes it possible to have different coloured cell backgrounds/icons/bars/etc based on rules you specify for the values.


Colin Beckingham at Linux.com posted how to get MySQL working with Mono. Mono is an open source implementation of the Microsoft .NET architecture so you can run C# etc applications on other platforms such as Linux.


QualityCodes.com posted how to create bar graphs with PHP.

dompdf is a PHP HTML to PDF tool which can convert HTML/CSS to a PDF file, downloading external style sheets as required. dompdf is mostly CSS 2.1 compliant and uses either the PDFLib or ROS CPDF libraries to generate the PDF document.


phpMyAdmin 3.0.0-beta was released.


Ragepank posted how to get better rankings for "presell" pages which are pages hosted on another website about your business, such as on New Zealand's finda. Although this specific post is about finda it applies to any popular website directory.


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