Weekly Roundup - October 27th 2008

Posted October 27th, 2008 in Weekly Roundup

This is my weekly roundup for the week of October 20th to 26th 2008, where I look back at the posts I made over the past week as well as useful and interesting articles on other websites and blogs that I might have read.

Articles posted on my blog

- Weekly Roundup - October 20th 2008

- Hide selected databases in phpMyAdmin

- phpMyAdmin "Cannot start session without errors"

- PHP SoapClient "Unable to parse URL" error

- Google Chrome switch to the dev channel

- No post

- No post

Interesting articles found offsite

Code Igniter

Code Igniter 1.7 was released with a number of improvements and bug fixes. Read the changelog for more details. Code Igniter is a PHP framework.


ProtonGun posted about CSS selectors, looking at the patterns available in CSS 2 and CSS 3 and which browsers (from a list of IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari and Opera) support them.

Web Designer Wall followed up their post listing websites with large backgrounds with a how to showing how to put a large CSS background into a website.


SpyreMag posted a list of 25 Website Designs To Draw Inspiration From with screenshots of and a link through to the website of each one.

Smashing Magazine posted screenshots of some Creative User Interfaces in Modern Web Design.


Drupal 6.6 and 5.12 were released fixing critical security vulnerabilities. Upgrading your existing Drupal 5 and 6 sites is strongly recommended.


A couple of months ago PC World posted an interview with Jonathan Heiliger, the VP of technical operations at Facebook, looking at what's required to keep things running on such a large website. Read the interview here and a summary of the points here on the highscalability.com website.


The GIMP is a photo editing tool similar (but not as good as) Adobe Photoshop. Noupe posted links to 30 tutorials for the GIMP, including recoloring eyes; creating oil paintings and pencil drawings from a photo; how to use layers and the scissors tool; and how to do selective colorization, which is when you have the background black and white and the main focus of the image in colour.


The Javascript Source had a jQuery fix for making all items of a particular class the same vertical height. This is useful when it's not possible to do with CSS, although you should always structure your CSS to degrade gracefully if Javascript is not enabled.

The jQuery URL Parser allows easy parsing of a URL into the protocol, host, port, the segments that make up the path and the various query string values.


Distrowatch continued their package management cheatsheet with part 4, adding netpkg, a graphical and command-line package management utility and a table for managing binary and source packages in FreeBSD.

Mattias Geniar posted an introduction to the screen utility, which allows you to run processes in a special process which can be disconnected from and later reconnected to. If your SSH session breaks while running screen the processes will continue to run.


David Walsh posted how to listen for the delete key with MooTools.


Mind Tree posted about foreign keys and referential integrity using MySQL's INNOBD tables.


Nettuts posted how to create an object oriented blog with PHP, providing an example database structure, PHP objects and data fetching. This will be followed up with a second post at some stage.

Naresh Chandranatha posted how to post a PHP error log to Twitter and how to load and parse AWStats data with PHP. (AWStats is an Apache log parser to show stats about your website).


I haven't used phpMyAdmin 3 yet myself (not having any boxes with PHP 5.2+ on them) but Mark van der Velden posted about when wanting to see details you needed to click on 'Details' or 'Options' to show all available details/options. His solution to the problem is available here.

phpMyAdmin 3.0.1 was released as a bugfix only release.


PHPTAL 1.1.14 Release Candidate was made available. PHPTAL is a templating engine for PHP5 that implements Zope Page Templates.


Sumedha Rubasinghe posted how to tell SVN client to ignore a folder.

Word Press

WordPress 2.6.3 was released, fixing a vulnerability in the Snoopy library.

Other Stuff

Nerd den.com posted a list of the four best DJ mixing tools: KraMixer DJ Software for Windows; DJ Music Mixer for Windows; I Am The Mighty Jungulator for OS X; and DeKstasy for OS X.


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