CentOS 5.1 is released

Posted Dec. 02, 2007 in Linux/Unix/BSD

CentOS 5.1 was released today. It is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 5.1, and includes packages from all variants including Server and Client. All RHEL repositories have been combined into one, to make it easier for end users to work with. And the option to further enable external repositories at install time is now available in the installer.

CentOS Enterprise Linux is a binary compatible distribution of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux; it conforms with Red Hat's redistribution policy and is therefore not a Red Hat product nor is it endorsed or supported by Red Hat. Although the Red Hat Network (RHN) cannot be used to update CentOS, updates and security fixes can still be applied using RPM packages supplied by the YUM network. CentOS is maintained by a community of developers known as the CentOS Project.

The full release announcement and the manual can be found on the CentOS website; and you can buy CentOS 5.1 on CD or DVD from the Linux CD Mall