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Some common reasons people want to contact us

1. You want to buy text advertising

Sorry, I do not sell text link advertising.

2. You want to do a sponsored post

Sorry, I do not allow sponsored posts, paid or otherwise.

3. You want to sell me your SEO services

Not interested, thanks.

4. You want to do a link exchange with me.

I don't do link exchanges, sorry.

5. You want to advertise on my site

Great! Go check out my ad slots at Buy Sell Ads for the 125x125 ads in the right sidebar.

6. You have a question or suggestion about something I've posted

Please post a comment on the page in question; I get email notifications whenever something new is posted and usually respond fairly quickly.

7. There's a mistake on one of the pages I've posted

Refer to (6) above.

You still want to contact me?

You can email me at: webmaster (a)