iOS Simulator and Xcode 4.3

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I installed/upgrade Xcode on my Mac Lion to 4.3 and couldn't work out where the iOS Simulator was. It turns out you have to manually configure Xcode to install the simulator but even then there's no obvious way to run the iOS Simulator. This post shows how I did it.

Installing iOS Simulator

Start up Xcode, then select the Xcode menu and the Preference menu option. Go to the Downloads option in the preferences dialog window and you'll see the list of simulators etc as shown in the screenshot below.

install iso simulator in xcode

Click the install buttons for the ones you want and away you go. If you want it to check and install updates automatically then check that box. I left it as-is in my setup.

Where is iOS Simulator?

The files downloaded and installed, but where or where is the simulator? I couldn't find it anywhere in the menu options including the Xcode -> Open Developer Tool submenu. And it's not in /Applications either.

The only way I could work out how to run the iOS Simulator was to navigation to the Applications folder with Finder, right-click Xcode and Show Package Contents, then navigate like so:


In the Applications folder you'll find the iOS Simulator app.

Drag it to the Dock, run it, and away you go.