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iTunes could not connect to the device error

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When attempting to connect to an iPhone 4s running iOS 7, we kept getting the error message "Could not connect to the device" or "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The device does not recognize this host." This post has a solution which worked for us.

Getting back onto Facebook emails

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Occasionally I get "Getting back onto Facebook" emails, which I thought was some weird attempt by FB to get me to engage more, but it appears that these emails are sent when login attempts using your email address fail.

Facebook screws over pages, yet again

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Facebook has for some time now been attempting to monetize posts from "Pages" and generally prevents too much Page content appearing in users' feeds, unless the Page is prepared to pay to boost their posts. In yet another news feed algorithm change, they've made it even harder for Pages to reach their users.

Opting out of LinkedIn invite emails when not a LinkedIn member

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So you don't have a LinkedIn login or profile and you keep getting invites and followup reminders from people you don't know via LinkedIn inviting you to join? Have you noticed there's no way in the emails to opt-out of these emails? This post shows how to opt out of these emails.

Disallow the Internet Archive from your website using robots.txt

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The Internet Archive runs the "Wayback Machine" at www.archive.org to archive pages from websites maintaining copies of them at several points in time. If you do not wish to have your website archived in this way you can prevent this using a robots.txt file.

Change your login and/or password at GoDaddy

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GoDaddy is a domain registrar, web host, email provider etc. I recently needed to change the login name and password for a GoDaddy account but couldn't work out where to change it. After a little messing around with their options I found it in the "Account Security Information" section. This post looks at how to change your login and password at GoDaddy, along with screenshots showing how to do it.