Mounting a flash card reader with a KDE desktop icon

Posted Mar. 24, 2004 in Linux/Unix/BSD -

This article looks at how to create a desktop icon in KDE which can be used to mount a flash card reader or similar device; it is assumed you have already been able to successfully mount your flash card reader before undertaking the instructions in this article. If you have not yet been able to do this then refer to my other article about how to mount a flash card reader in Linux.

The information in this page about mounting a device from a desktop icon in KDE can be applied to any device, whether it's a CD-ROM, DVD reader etc. Once the icon is set up on the desktop it can also be used to unmount the device.

Before creating the icon on the desktop plug the device in first, otherwise the entry won't currently be in the /etc/fstab file and it won't be selectable from the list of devices. Right-click the mouse anywhere in a spare space on the desktop and select the "Create New" then "Device" and then one of the options from the 3rd menu as shown in the first screenshot below. There isn't an option to select a card reader so select something like a floppy device.

Creating the
device icon on the KDE desktop

A dialog window like the one shown below will be displayed. Change the name to something that will identify the icon with your device and then select the "Device" tab.

Changing the
dislpay name of the device

On the device tab select the device name from the "Device" drop down box as shown below. You will know what the name of this from running cat /etc/fstab after plugging in the flash card reader as detailed in the mounting a flash card reader article.

the device to be able to mount

All you need to do now is click the "OK" button and there will be a new icon on the desktop. To mount the flash card insert it into your flash card reader, right click the icon and select the "Mount" option. The data on the card should now be readable from the mount point automatically defined in /etc/fstab.

Before removing your flash card from the card reader you should always unmount it first. Right click the icon again and select the "Umount" option. After a second or two it should then unmount the card and you can safely remove it from the reader without damaging the data. If you are currently using the device (eg browsing the data in Konqueror) you will get an error message saying "Could not unmount device" and that the "device is busy". In this case, close the application accessing the flash card and then try to unmount the card again; often just changing directory in Konqueror is not enough and you actually have to close it.