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This section contains short little posts and links to other websites with "quick tips" that don't really need a whole post about them. In some cases they more or less replicate what is in online documentation but are used to bring attention to little known functions etc that my regular readers may not know about; or for quick personal reference.

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Change the timezone on CentOS

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I recently needed to set up a CentOS 5 box and completely forgot how to set the timezone. There's apparantly a nice easy text GUI for doing it in RHEL but I couldn't find the same thing on the CentOS box so here's how to do it. It should also work for most Linux systems.

Fix "the operation can't be completed because you don't have permission to access some of the items" error on OSX

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I run my webserver and file server from a virtual machine with the files shared using Samba (yes, now that I'm running on OSX I should really share the files with NFS but that's for another day). When trying to copy files from the Mac to the Samba share I was getting the error message "The operation can't be completed because you don't have permission to access some of the items".

How to refresh the projects file tree in NetBeans

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This issue has been bugging me for a while and I just worked out how to solve it: if you're using NetBeans and add some files to the project outside NetBeans (like copying and pasting in Finder/Explorer) then they don't show up in the list of files in the projects tree view.

Literal tab character on the command line on Linux BASH

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So you need to put a tab on the command line when using BASH on Linux, Mac, BSD? How to do it? The tab character is usually used for command completion etc so typing in a tab won't render one on the command line.

Netbeans Quick Tip: Syntax Highlighting and File Extensions

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If you have some random file name extension (such as .ss for SilverStripe templates) which Netbeans doesn't know about, it's easy to configure it to use the correct syntax highlighting.

OSX Quick Tip: Show all files in the Finder including dot files

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The default behavior of the Finder on OSX is to hide UNIX files such as /usr /var etc and dot files (e.g. .htaccess). This quick tip shows how to enable (or disable) showing these files.

PHP Quick Tip: Check if URL aware fopen wrappers are enabled

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PHP supports opening remote URLs (e.g. http://www.example.com/something.htmnl) using the fopen and similar functions. It is possible to disable this function in the PHP configuration so this quick tip shows how to check if it is possible to open remote URLs.

Using find to locate all zero length files

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A little while ago I posted how to use the Linux/Unix/OSX find command to locate files bigger or smaller than a particular size but didn't cover how to find zero length files. This is shown here.