Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) Released

Posted Oct. 31, 2008 in Linux/Unix/BSD

Ubuntu 8.10 codenamed Intrepid Ibex was released today along with the other official Ubuntu derivitives including Kubuntu and Xubuntu.

Official links

Ubuntu 8.10 release announcement, release notes and technical overview. Ubuntu uses the Gnome desktop environment for the desktop edition and also has a server edition

Kubuntu 8.10 release announcement with some screenshots. Kubuntu uses KDE.

Xubuntu 8.10 release announcement. Xubuntu uses Xfce.

Ubuntu Studio 8.10 release announcement. Ubuntu Studio offers a pre-made selection of packages, targeted at audio, video and graphics users.

Mythbuntu 8.10 release announcement and release notes. Mythbuntu uses the XFCE4 desktop and is a standalone MythTV based PVR system.

Other links

Ars Technica has a brief overview.

The Ubuntu Geek posted how to upgrade Ubuntu 8.04 server to Ubuntu 8.10, how to upgrade the desktop version with GUI tools and how to use the service command in Ubuntu 8.10 to start, stop and restart services.

Linux Format took it for an early test run, looking at the new netbook version and installer updates.

Simple Thoughts reviewed 10 main features of Ubuntu 8.10.

Polish Linux also posted a review, having used Ubuntu 8.10 for a couple of weeks already with beta and release candididate versions.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at ComputerWorld wrote about Ubuntu 8.10's five best features.

Matt Hartley at Intranet Journal wrote about 10 Reasons to Not Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10.

Lifehacker looked at how you can put a bootable Ubuntu system on a memory stick and the new system cleaner, and has a basic screenshot tour. The screenshots are from a beta version but nothing should have changed from these in the final release.

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