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Microsoft Windows is the world's most installed operating system, used on desktop computers and servers all over the world. I have been using Windows since the Windows 3.11 days and have worked with most versions (Windows 3.11, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7).

Although I currently use OSX as my desktop computer I also have Windows 7 desktop and laptop and a Windows XP netbook and also run XP virtualized for testing Internet Explorer.

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Open firewall ports for MSN Messenger and ICQ

Posted in Networking and Windows -

To connect to MSN Messenger and ICQ instant messaging servers through a firewall you will need to open up outbound ports to connect to them. This article describes which ports to open and has an example of how to do it using a Dynalink RTA200 ADSL router.

Ports used for Windows Virtual Private Networks

Posted in Networking and Windows -

To connect to a remote Windows Virtual Private Network you need to open up TCP port 1723 and IP protocol ID 47. This article explains about this with an example of how to do it using a Dynalink RTA220 ADSL router.

Reinstall TCP/IP on Windows XP

Posted in Networking and Windows -

After adding a new network interface to my Windows XP computer networking stopped working completely. I uninstalled the McAfee Security Center but that didn't help. This article looks at the steps I did to uninstall and reinstall TCP/IP networking on Windows XP.

Editing the hosts file on Windows Vista

Posted in Windows -

On Windows Vista the hosts file has a higher level of default security than earlier versions of Windows and it cannot be edited by a regular user unless the permissions are changed, or you run your text editor as administrator. This post looks at how to edit the hosts file on Windows Vista using notepad.

Windows Vista Black Screen After Login - Resolved

Posted in Windows -

I have been having issues with my Windows Vista desktop giving me a black screen after logging in and not being able to do anything at all other than switching the computer off and on again. Yesterday I installed some security updates and the same thing happened again but I finally managed to work out the solution and now can safely reboot and log back into my profile each time.

Display DNS cache on Windows

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It is possible on Windows to display the DNS cache from the command line. This can be useful for diagnosing DNS issues where an invalid or out of date DNS record might be cached. This post looks at how to displayed cached DNS records on Windows.

Solution for connections tab missing in Internet Explorer options

Posted in Windows -

It's possible for a system adminstrator to prevent access to the "Connections" tab in the Internet Options in Internet Explorer (which is also accessible from the Windows Control Panel). It's trivially easy to restore the tab as shown in this post.